Every Wednesday at 12:45 PM, Mayer Bldg. room 916*

(*)Room location may change to a larger room in case of 15 or more participants

NetMeeting is a weekly meeting on networking issues. During these meetings, different computer-network research topics of our faculty are presented and discussed.

This forum is mainly designed for:

  • Msc and Phd students, who can present their research work and receive feedback.
  • Academic staff who will be able to demonstrate their area of interesting to the different students.
  • New Students who will be exposed to computer-network research in the faculty.

Future Meetings

Past Meetings

  • Speaker: Eyal Zohar

    Title: “How BitTorent Works”

    Time:     Wednesday, , 1/2/2012, 12:45

    Location: Meyer 916


  • Speaker: Ittay Eyal

    Title: “Distributed Data Clustering in Sensor Networks”

    Time:     Wednesday, 4/1/2012,  12:45-13:45

    Location: Meyer 916


  • Speakers: Asaf Cidon and Tomer London, Stanford University

    Title: “Hot Research Topics in Stanford University ”

    Time:     Wednesday, 21/12/2011,  12:45-13:45

    Location: Meyer 916

  • Speaker: Jose Yallouz

    Title: “QoS ”

    Time:     Wednesday, 4/1/2012,  12:45-13:45

    Location: Meyer 916